We have provided one-of-its-kind solutions to some of the top corporate organizations in Bangalore.

Ridge gap is a company that provides the most comprehensive, customized solutions for corporate to keep their employees engaged and enhance learning experience through Team building activities and beautifully handpicked, customized corporate gifting solutions to establish business relationships, add to your brand image, and forge strong ties with your employees.

Why Ridge Gap

Corporate Gifting

It is an art – helps to establish business relationships, add to your brand image, and forge strong ties with your employees, clients and prospects.

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Corporate Team Building

Team building activities have emerged as a vital part of corporate budgets today, mainly due to the evolution of corporate culture in India.

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For us, all great travel begins with a sense of adventure. We always bring in our sense of enthusiasm for exploring new places, discovering offbeat locales, getting people together during a journey and uncovering the most wonderful aspects of the destination into our work.

We’ve always had a vision for Ridgegap to be one of the top corporate team building companies in Bangalore in terms of putting together an experience to remember. Travelling with us will bring you and your employees closer, enable them to rediscover themselves and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Our expertise in travelling to hundreds of destinations near and around Bangalore enables us to plan the very best experience, no matter what your requirement. We approach day outings, weekend getaways, team building activities and corporate outings as handcrafted experiences.

If you’re looking for more than just another trip to spend employee engagement budgets, we’re not the right place. We think of it more like charting out a trip packed with fun activities, offbeat experiences, creative team building exercises and recreational activities to motivate people to be even more amazing at what they do. If this sounds like something your employees would love, feel free to get in touch!

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