Employee engagement is must in any organization.

Engaging with your employees not only motivates them but also results in better performance and improved mental health. Team building is one such way that helps you connect with your employees and hone their skills. It facilitates communication between the employees, builds trust and respect, boosts leadership and social skills, enhances problem solving and decision making abilities; thereby creating a fun and learning environment for everyone around.

Caterpillar Walk

With team cooperation and patience, the group has to travel to the opponent's side through the arranged hula hoops. Through this activity, team members learn that through collaboration and calmness, one can achieve success.

Pick the fruit

The team members choose one person from the team to traverse from one end to the other. On the way, he picks up as many fruits as he can and fling it from the circles made around. The hitch here is that one end of the rope is tied to the bark of the tree and the other end is in the grip of the members.

Blindfold Walk

In this activity, the team member's select one leader to lead the team. All the members of the team are blindfolded and the team leader is expected to guide them through various obstacles. It is very important that the members follow the instructions correctly. The activity showcases the various problems that arise in the workplace and how fine leadership skills help to resolve them.

Plank Walk

The team must work as one to complete the activity and walk one step at a time while placing each plank frontward. Since their feet will be tied to the plank, communication plays a major role for coordinating the movements.

Spider Web pass through

The team is required to pass through the spider's web without waking the giant spider. Hence, the team members must be careful in planning the way through the web, considering each one's physical size and ability. This entails their creative thinking and how the team can overcome each other's physical barriers too.

Blind fold tent challenge

This activity boosts the trust factor since the team members need to build a tent while they are blindfolded. The team has to complete the task before the clock's striking. The team learns to work together under pressure and trust each other's efforts in meeting the target before the deadline.

Blindfold Square

Depending on the size of the team, the members are blindfolded and given a rope of a specific length to create a perfect and large square. The activity creates the nuisance and perplexity due to "lack of vision". The blindfold is then removed, for the team to examine their formation. Blindfold Square signifies the importance of having a clear vision and well – structured mental image to attain the goal.

Blindfold Ball Challenge

The challenge is to collect as many stress balls as possible while you are blindfolded. Again, a great deal of trust and communication is required amongst the team members. They depend on each other's advice and guidance to trail the right path.

Tower Building Challenge

Teams need to build a tower with the wooden blocks placed one above the other. Each team member is given a string to which metal loop is attached. This exercise encourages creative problem solving ability of the members.

Caterpillar traverse

The team is required to traverse from one end to the under in the form of a caterpillar. They are provided with a cloth roll and members are supposed to reach the end point without stepping out of the cloth. The team coordination and communication skills are put to test.

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